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Thanks For Your Service!

As the school year concludes, we honor our retiring staff members. These individuals have contributed immensely to the nurturing and educational success of countless students across the district. Their commitment and passion have left a lasting impact, shaping the future of our community.

Here's the list of our retirees:

  • Nancy Bartholomew, Building Instructional Assistant at Worthington Estates
  • Patricia Bernath, Special Education Assistant at Sutter Park
  • Tina Buckmaster, Grade 2 Teacher at Worthington Hills
  • Colleen Bush, Special Ed Assistant at Sutter Park
  • Jonathan Caruso, Intervention Assistant at McCord
  • Ed Chism, Social Studies Teacher at WKHS
  • Josephine Davis, Grade 4 Teacher at Wilson Hill
  • Sonja Dendinger, I/S at Granby
  • Benu Dhamija, Technology Services
  • Darlene Dolan, Grade 3
  • Carmelita Elder, Spanish Teacher at TWHS
  • Diane Endsley, DLS at McCord
  • Janice Ewing, Science Teacher at Perry
  • Julie Frank, Nurse at TWHS
  • Evelyn Henry, Math Teacher at Wilson Hill
  • Mark Hill, District/KMS 
  • Beth Johnson, Grade 1 Teacher at Worthington Hills
  • Kathleen McQuade, Health Office Assistant at Bluffsview
  • Sandra Olney, Head Custodian at Sutter Park
  • Teri O'Brien, Physical Education Teacher at McCord
  • Rodney Pierce, Technology Teacher at McCord
  • Nancy Rupp, Preschool Special Ed Assistant at Sutter Park
  • Dave Sanders, Building Maintenance Worker at Plant Operations
  • Sharon Sciulli, Grade 5 Teacher at Bluffsview
  • Amy Shepherd, Grade 2 at Colonial Hills
  • Pamela Thompson, Special Education Assistant at Sutter Park
  • Michelle Tighe, Grade 1 Teacher at Granby
  • Douglas Troutner, Math/Physics Teacher at WKHS
  • Debra Warren, Building Instructional Assistant at Perry/Phoenix
  • Greg Witt, TESOL/EL at Worthington Estates & Brookside
  • Richard Witt, Auditorium Facilitator--WKHS & TWHS