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District Message For Worthington Families

The events on Capitol Hill this week were disheartening to say the least.  It is an assault on our beliefs and our values as a nation. We condemn violence and hate symbols of any kind. While this egregious chapter in our nation's history takes place, we are grateful for Worthington’s civic strength and we want to assure our residents that we remain vigilant to make sure no one here imitates the violence we have witnessed.  We are committed to the safety of all our residents.

These actions have been unavoidable for our students to witness. How we respond now matters, as educators and as trusted adults in the lives of each of our students. We are obliged to our children to be positive examples in how to respond. We must be a source of strength for our students. We must be there to lead by our actions, to stand up for what is right, and to support our children through these disturbing times. 

What many of our families have endured is inconceivable. There is a critical need in our community for empathy, civil discourse, togetherness, and hope. 

In recognition of the emotional stress and questions these events may produce with our staff and students alike, we wanted you to know that our district leadership team met Thursday morning to discuss and share resources that teachers could use with their classes.  

Here are some of the resources that were provided:

Every Worthington Schools staff member remains committed to helping your child through these difficult times.  EACH child should have a trusted adult, or many trusted adults, that they know cares about them, understands them, and believes in them.

Here are some resources for families to help talk with their children about this week’s events: