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Welcome to Slate Hill Elementary

Welcome to Slate Hill!  Listed below is basic school information to help you get started.  Please feel free to contact us at any time.  Voicemail services are available 24/7 at 614-450-5000 and you can email us if you prefer.  Check the Slate Hill website often!

Worthington Education Center, 200 E. Wilson Bridge Road, Worthington 43085

Dr. Trent Bowers, Superintendent of Schools, 614.450.6000

Worthington Transportation, 614.450.6600


The Worthington School District asks parents to contribute a little more than other residents for the cost of educating their children.  There are additional costs for reading and math materials and other consumable supplies that are used in areas such as art, science and handwriting.  The fees vary by grade level as the type of materials are different.

The money collected for these materials will be deposited in a school supplies fund that serves Slate Hill.  These funds will enable us to provide your child’s teacher with materials for the classroom. School fees can be paid using 

Fees: Kindergarten = $24 | Grades 1, 2 & 3 = $42 | Grades 4 & 5 = $36

Any student approved for the Free & Reduced Federal Lunch Program will not pay a fee, or may pay a partial fee.  Those who are approved for the reduced price lunch program will pay half the fee.  Please remember to complete the waiver page on the application or we are not able to waive/reduce the school supply fee.

A student entering the district on or after January 5, 2023 will pay half of the supply fee due.


If you need to report a student absence or expect to be tardy please call the school at 450.5000 to let us know.  If we do not hear from you regarding a student absence we are required to make every effort to speak with you to confirm the student’s absence by utilizing all contact information you provide us.  When a child is tardy or misses school due to a doctor/dental appointment we ask that upon your child’s return to school you provide us with a written excuse from the provider.

If you need to request homework during your child’s absence please do so in the morning to allow ample time for the teacher to gather all assignments.  Homework will then be placed in the office for pick up.  Feel free to call in advance to see if it is ready.

The 7:55 AM bell rings to let the children know that they can enter the building.  Children should not be on school grounds prior to 7:55 AM.  At 7:55 AM students enter the building.  At 8:10 AM the tardy bell rings and at that time all students should be in class and prepared to learn.  Students that arrive at 8:10 AM or later are marked as tardy.

Classes are dismissed at 2:50 PM.  If students are to be picked up by car they will go to the back door (door #8) to meet their ride.


If you are new to the district shortly after your child begins school you will receive a mailing from the Worthington Education Center with your parent Login and Password information.  By accessing your child’s account you can receive communication from the teacher, monitor your child’s academic progress as teachers enter grades and you can also manage your contact information as well as emergency contact information.  If you do not receive this mailing within a few weeks you can request the information on the Login page by clicking the ‘Parent Account Recovery’ link below the Login area.

Worthington City Schools offers to parents to create an account to manage your child’s lunch funds.  You can also use this site to pay school fees.  You will need your child’s school identification number to create your account. Contact the office for that information.

The school keeps an updated notice board on the front of the building, on the Slate Hill website and you can also check with office staff and/or teachers if you need event information.  The Worthington Parent/Student Handbook is available for viewing on the district website.  A hard copy is also available in the school office.

Each year parents are asked to enter the ‘online update’ via the cloud.  By updating your contact information and your child’s medical contact information as well as any changes in their health conditions you make it available for us to contact you quickly in emergency situations.  By completing your annual online update you also update your permissions for your child to participate in field trips, to use computer technology at school and to provide directory information.  Maintaining accurate contact information as it changes throughout the year is very important.  


Children should not arrive at school before 7:55 AM and they are to leave the school grounds at dismissal time and/or bus pick-up times unless special provisions have been made by school personnel.  

Due to traffic conditions students are not permitted to ride their bicycle to school.  Roller blades, shoes with wheels, skateboards and scooters are not permitted on school grounds.

Students that are dropped off/picked up by car will use the entrance at the back of the building door #8).

Students that ride the school bus or day care van/bus will use the front entrance. (door #1)

We understand that emergency situations occur that might cause you to be delayed in picking up your child at dismissal.  In that situation a phone call is appreciated.  Students are dismissed at 2:50 PM and wait at the back for their parent to arrive.  If a student is not picked up by 3:00 PM they will be brought inside to the safety of the office and the parent must come in to the office to pick up the student.  The office closes shortly after that so your promptness is greatly appreciated.

I FORGOT!  It happens!  Lunches, homework, notes occasionally are left on the counter at home.  If you find you need to bring something in for your child please bring it in the office and we will be certain to get it to your child in a timely manner.  It is very helpful to us when you add a note to the item with your child’s name and teacher name.  Office staff will get the item to your child.  

As always, please feel free to contact the office with any questions.  We are glad to help!