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You are invited to take part in an important conversation about the future of Worthington Schools.
Our district has completed a community-led facilities planning process. As part of our plan, the Worthington district will be moving from a K-6 elementary, 7-8 middle school grade configuration to a K-5 elementary, 6-8 middle school grade configuration. The changes will help us manage increasing enrollment. We plan to expand our middle schools and reopen Perry Middle School to be able to have space to educate all of our students.
We want to hear from as many people as possible about your concerns and hopes during the change. As part of the Thought Exchange, you'll also be able to react to other comments that you support.
About this process:
● You can complete questions at your own pace, assign more stars or discover the results at any time until the exchange ends. We recommend that you rate a minimum of 30 thoughts, but you are welcome to rate as many or as few thoughts as you would like. You do not need to rate all thoughts in the conversation.
● If you know someone else who would like to participate, you can forward your invitation.
● If you need technical help, please call ThoughtExchange at 1-800- 361-9027 ext. 4 or email
Dr. Trent Bowers, Superintendent