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With Growth, Comes Change

A blog post from Dr. Trent Bowers:
Worthington Schools is growing!  An increase in enrollment suggests that families are choosing to move to Worthington which is good news.
With growth in our student population and program offerings, many of our elementary schools are experiencing strains on their space for students and capacity for services. Enrollment projections indicate continued district-wide growth during the next 5-10 years. While all schools can identify space constraints, there are a few schools that have needs that call for immediate actions. For 2016-2017, Evening Street has a critical need for an additional classroom to serve students presently enrolled, and is projected to have the need for an additional classroom each of the next 3-4 years.  Short term adjustments have worked over the past few years to house current students and programs. While short-term adjustments may still address needs in other elementary buildings, they will no longer address the needs at Evening Street.
After considering many options to enable our district to provide for high-quality educational programming for all students, it has been determined that we will relocate all sixth grade classes from Evening Street to Kilbourne Middle School (KMS), making them part of KMS beginning with the 2016-2017 school year.  This move opens three classroom spaces, and allows the district to immediately house an additional classroom for first graders and provides some additional spaces moving forward until a more permanent solution is found.  Ultimately while we believe in our K-6 schools in Worthington and plan to continue them in all other elementary schools, we believe that the configuration of specific grades is not as important as the intentional design of the learning opportunities for students.
Earlier this school year the district conducted a comprehensive audit of our facilities, enrollment projections, and staffing.  With the Evening Street 6th grade move to KMS, the district now has time to fully consider long-term solutions for enrollment, building capacity, and programming district-wide. At the direction of the Board of Education, long-term solutions to these district issues will be determined with community input and consideration of the needs of all buildings.  You will hear more about the master planning work and ways in which you can be involved by early spring.