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SCHOOL PICTURE DAY -- Monday, September 23 -- RETAKES and NEW

RETAKES -- If your student had their picture taken in August, prior to the start of school, and you would like the picture retaken, please send your picture package with all contents to school with your student on Monday, September 23. Your student will then have a new picture taken. Please note that we must have the picture package in order to have the picture retaken. 

 NEW PICTURES -- If your student did not have their picture taken prior to the start of school or you are new to Park, your student's school picture will be taken on Monday, September 23. Order forms will be coming home this week. If you would like to order a picture package, please follow the instructions on the back of the order form and send to school with your student on Monday, September 23. If you forget, you will still be able to order online at after September 23

 Please note that every student has their picture taken for the Yearbook, regardless if a picture package is ordered. Please call Renee in the Office at 614-450-5500, if you have any questions.