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Elementary School Grading During Remote Learning

Covid-19 and Elementary School Progress Reports and Grading

The ongoing National and State health crisis continues to have our district reviewing instruction and practices during the extended closure.  Last week, the district announced considerations for grading processes at our secondary schools, particularly related to transcript-able coursework for which credit is awarded. 

At the elementary school level, our grading and progress reporting is essentially focused on standards-based teaching and learning across content areas.  In light of the fact that 8 weeks of instruction during the final 12-week trimester for elementary schools has happened at home, remotely, the following adjustments will be made:

  • Progress Reports for the final trimester will be completed at the school year’s end.
  • Performance marks for standards-based indicators using the “4, 3, 2, 1” marking system will be provided.
  • In grades 4-6, letter based grades by content area will NOT be given, since a full complement of tests, quizzes and projects beyond the first 4 weeks are not possible.
  • Attendance will be calculated during the final trimester for the period beginning February 18 through March 17 (the beginning of the Governor’s statewide closing of schools)

For more information regarding our Progress Reporting beliefs during this Covid-19 pandemic, please click read more in this document.