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2020 Worthington School District Retirees

This school year has been a long strange ride for our students and for our staff. As we end the school year next week this also marks the end of a career for several of our teachers and support staff members. In a normal year, we would have gathered together to celebrate the momentous occasion. There would have been speeches given, memories shared, and likely some delicious cake to add to the celebration.

Like with everything else, this year is different. We have 25 Worthington staff members who have decided to retire this year. In most cases, these teachers and support staff members have served our Worthington students and the community for 30 or even 40 years. Undoubtedly they have made a positive difference in people’s lives. They’ve lived through both times of growth and times of reductions in Worthington Schools. They began teaching before personal computers were a thing and they ended their career via remote learning.

I think about Donna Gehring from Bluffsview. Donna began her career with a starting salary of $16,484.00. She’s taught at Bluffsview since 1994 and she ends her career in Worthington having accumulated the highest sick leave balance of any Worthington staff member. Obviously, Donna was fortunate with good health but she also set an amazing example for others in that she knew her students were counting on her and she just refused to miss a day of school.

I think of the invaluable role that Marie Steward played in our school district. While her role in Computer Services was behind the scenes, her impact was tremendous. Marie was a tireless advocate for staff and students. She embodied the district’s goal to “serve the customer.” She was friendly, approachable, and patient. Marie took calls and answered emails at all hours of the day and night, and she was happy to meet with staff to help them use our Infinite Campus System. When presented with a problem, Marie worked until it was resolved. If Infinite Campus presented limitations, Marie worked with staff to find a practical solution.

I think of Stephanie Riedmiller who has spent 34 years teaching in Worthington Schools. Stephanie taught at Colonial Hills Elementary School and then at Worthington Hills Elementary. She is well-known in the Worthington Hills school community as being a talented sixth grade English Language Arts teacher with high expectations for her students. Stephanie was exceptionally gifted at developing students’ writing skills. Stephanie has been a student council advisor for over 24 years and she taught summer school for another 12 summers. Families at Worthington Hills would consistently remark on how prepared their children were for middle school and beyond.

As we celebrate the final week of the 19-20 school year next week. Please take a minute to reach out to our retiring staff members and thank them for spending their careers as difference- makers for kids in Worthington. As a school district, we are grateful for their service and we wish them well in their future endeavors.

- Trent Bowers, Superintendent

Retiring Staff Members

Shelly Baker – Liberty – 2nd Grade Teacher

Ted Dennison – Wilson Hill – Art Teacher

Ellin Granger – TWHS – Intervention Specialist

Michelle Harper – Worthington Hills – 5th Grade Teacher

Joanna Hemmer – Phoenix – Intervention Specialist

Cindy Howell – Worthington Park – Intervention Specialist

Cindy Keller – Colonial Hills – 5th Grade Teacher

Renee Linn – District Intervention Specialist

Dawn Mack – Liberty – Gifted Teacher

Mary Spencer – Worthingway – Science Teacher

Stephanie Riedmiller – Worthington Hills – 6th Grade Teacher

Donna Gehring – Bluffsview – 2nd Grade Teacher

Dennis Bentz – TWHS Custodian

Carol King – WKHS Attendance Secretary

Rita Ellis – Bus Driver

Judith Baker – TWHS Media Asst.

Ralph Nooks – WKHS Special Ed Asst.

Robert Williams – Phoenix Custodian

Marie Steward – WEC Tech Support Specialist

Debra Hausch – Bluffsview Building/Instructional Asst

Deana Barnett – WEC Tech Systems Analyst

Monna Eakins – WKHS Food Service

Michelle Hadley – WEC Food Service Specialist

James Smith – WKHS Custodian

Jhan Yoder-Wise - Slate Hill Art Teacher

Amy Inzetta - Sutter, Granby, Bluffsview Nurse