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Graduating With Honors & Diplomas of Distinction


Graduates with Highest Honors are those students who after eight semesters achieve a grade point average of 4.0 or above. These students receive recognition at the commencement ceremony. The graduates with Highest Honors lead the commencement processional and have their names highlighted in the program.


TWHS Counselors evaluate their senior transcripts to determine which graduating seniors qualify for the honors diploma. Students must meet six out of the seven standards listed below.  Qualifying students receive a distinction on their diploma.

Honors Diploma Guidelines


Diplomas of Distinction recognize students for their excellence in academics, character, and service in one or more specific subject areas. Diplomas of Distinction are currently available in nine (9) areas: Project Lead the Way (PLTW), English, World Language, Theater Arts, Musical Arts, Service Learning and Career Mentorship, Visual Arts, Entrepreneurship Business Academy (EBA) and Science. Students are required to complete an application for a Diploma of Distinction. 

Print the Diploma of Distinction Application