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'My Stop' App will allow Worthington parents to track child's bus

Worthington Schools is implementing software which will allow parents and guardians to view their child’s school bus location and estimated time of arrival when the bus is on the bus route.

There is no charge if you choose to use this feature to track your child’s bus in route to the bus stop in the morning and for the drop off time after school.

In order to use the software you will need to have a smartphone. Search and download the “Versatrans My Stop” app from the App Store or Google Play. Here's what the icon will look like:

My Stop Icon

Worthington School officials are mailing password & ID information to all families eligible for busing. You will receive your letter by Monday, August 14th. If you have not received your letter by that date, contact the Transportation Department.

Once your login is complete you will see the map of your area and your child’s name. Select the child by clicking on the name at the top of the screen. If you have multiple children, you will select the child you are searching for from the drop down list. You will now see a map of your area along with the path of the bus route. Your child’s bus number and the estimated time of arrival will appear below the map.

Please remember this is only an estimate and the update can be as much as 2 minutes behind. It is important to have your child ready for the bus and at the bus stop prior to the estimated time of arrival. After the bus passes your bus stop the message “Bus Passed Stop” will appear below the map.

The Worthington Transportation Department is excited you partner with you to make sure your child is delivered safely and ready to learn. We've even made a bus safety video that you can share with your child: