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Worthington District says Thank You to retiring staff

The Worthington School District wants to say thank you and congratulations to the staff members retiring during the 2017-18 school year. We appreciate everything you've done for the district throughout your years of service.

Here's a list of retirees. Please thank them if you see them during the last few weeks of school and beyond!

  • Sharon Bates, Gifted Teacher at Worthington Estates
  • Andrew Benner, District Bus Driver
  • Teri Brown, Food Service at Worthington Kilbourne
  • Keith Campbell, Landscape Mechanic
  • Michelle Charity, Gifted Teacher at Worthingway
  • Cheryl Culp-Campbell, District Bus Driver
  • Mindy Dutko, Kindergarten Teacher at Liberty
  • Sheila Erdelt, District Bus Driver
  • Evelyn Gandre, Reading Teacher at Brookside
  • Teri Gresh, District Personnel Analyst
  • Carolyn Hall, Occupational Therapist at Sutter Park Preschool
  • Gretchen Hancock, Nurse at Thomas Worthington
  • Debra Krasnodembski, Third Grade at Worthington Park
  • Coleen Mellon, Teaching Assistant at Granby
  • Sachiko Miller, District ELL Assistant
  • Luann Molter, Cafeteria Manager at Worthington Estates
  • Tracie Reichert, District Transportation Specialist
  • James Rogers, Transporation Mechanic
  • Lisa Stallard, Administrative Secretary at Transportation
  • Karen Stefanacci, Kindergarten Teacher at Brookside
  • Mary Victoria Stewart, Kindergarten at Evening Street
  • Bonnie Thorn, ELL Teacher at Granby
  • Nancy Welch, Intervention Assistant at Thomas Worthington
  • Barbara Zook, Instructional Assistant for Evening Street