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Enrollment & facilities master planning process information

As part of the last 25-year capital improvement plan, the district has attempted to maintain current buildings, protect programming and minimize student overflow by utilizing strategies such as: leasing space, moving classrooms and limiting kindergarten options. With the information collected and with the continued student growth since 2012, it is time for the district to lead a community discussion around these questions:
What does our community want for the future of our school facilities?
  • What do we value about educating students and the educational process?
  • How do the current spaces and technology support today’s instructional strategies and desired educational outcomes?
  • What are we doing to provide equity across the district?
  • How do our standards/philosophy regarding facilities compare to the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission?
  • How are similar districts successful with facilities?
  • What are the costs (potential savings) of building new vs repairing & maintaining existing structures/systems?
  • What does our community desire for attendance areas?
How do the current attendance boundaries affect educational programs?
  • What is equitable, what is reasonable, what is neighborhood?
  • Is there enough space for all kids from a specific neighborhood?
  • What is the projected enrollment information by school?
  • What are we doing to ensure equity across the district?
  • What is the cost of any move,- financial or human?
Our administration has identified DeJong Richter’s educational planning services to lead us through this process.  (DeJong Richter is also leading a similar process in Columbus City Schools and you can see the depth of the work we will be expecting by viewing their website for Columbus  
Beginning in August we’ll conduct an 8-12 month community process that will include a representative task force, many community meetings and surveys for resident input, and will ultimately culminate with recommendations for the future.  
At the May 9th regularly scheduled Board of Education meeting, Assistant Superintendent Randy Banks will present this process to our board members. CLICK HERE to see notes from the presentation.
You’re welcome to attend in person or live stream the presentation here:
Next year will be an exciting year as collectively we work to create a vision for the future of Worthington Schools.  We look forward to working on this together!
-Trent Bowers, Superintendent