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Ohio Department of Education releases state report cards for districts

Each year, students across Ohio are given a series of state assessments aimed at measuring students’ knowledge of state standards and their preparedness for college and careers. On Thursday September 15th, the Ohio Department of Education released the 2015-2016 achievement results for all Ohio school districts.  
Ohio’s assessment system has changed quite a bit over the last couple years and last year students took new assessments in the areas of English Language Arts and Mathematics. The state also increased expectations requiring students to score 20-30% higher than in previous years to be proficient. The increased proficiency targets and more rigorous assessments impacted our overall success rates.
For this report card Worthington received the following grades:
Worthington Report Card Grades  
In Worthington, we believe state test results are important, but we do not believe they are the most important piece of information related to student learning and growth. We believe in a balanced system of assessment that provides real-time, actionable feedback to students and teachers. We will continue to focus on creating rich, engaging learning experiences for students that stretch beyond the current state testing structure and prepare students for college and careers.
Our Worthington teachers and support staff are madly passionate about helping every child in Worthington succeed!  Together we will empower a community of learners who will change the world!
For more information about the district, you can visit the Worthington Schools Quality Profile or read the local report card at the ODE Website.