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PLTW STEM Student Interns at Abbott Labs


Abbott Student Interns from WKHS

Pictured: Yasmine Wilford, Maggie Dyer, Will Wiet, 2018 graduate Kristen Wood, and Maddie Mullen.

Four (current) Kilbourne students, Yasmine Wilford, Will Wiet, Maggie Dyer, and Maddie Mullen spent their summers gaining valuable engineering experience at Abbott Labs.  “The STEM program at WKHS was instrumental in helping them develop the soft skills necessary to earn these positions and enabled them to secure the internships.  There were over 100 candidates” engineering teacher Tom Karns said.

Yasmine worked alongside an Industrial engineer to standardize the facility’s signage. In addition, she flew to some of Abbott’s facilities around the country to learn about the organizational processes that helped her manage her own project.  “Throughout my two years of interning with Abbott, I have been able to have a hands on experience and manage my own projects which is exactly what a potential engineering student would want and need” Yasmine shared.         

Will worked in the nutrition division of the manufacturing plant in Ohio.  “With the help of real engineers and other professionals I was able to complete my project on the manufacturing line and impact the business directly by helping them save money each year.  Altogether this summer was an awesome experience, because I learned some many new things about not only engineering, but also the general environment of the workforce.”

Maddie spent the majority of her time at the Columbus plant, shadowing and interviewing many different kinds of engineers. “Abbott flew me to places like Dallas and Chicago to tour Abbott facilities and connect with other interns. I gathered lots of new information and new skills that will really be beneficial in the future like how to be professional, and how to organize efficiently. Overall this summer was not only a learning experience but an engaging and exciting one as well!”

Maggie worked on a project that standardized the use of a piece of equipment (Rare Earth Magnets) used in all of the Abbott Nutrition Plants throughout the world.  She found differences in how each plant was using it and her goal was to develop a document that made all plants use the equipment in the same way.  In the end, she was in a conference call to present her findings.  .

These valuable experiences helped our students understand applications of engineering.   Yasmine feels that it was a perfect fit for her and says it was “definitely a once in a lifetime experience that I will never forget and will always be grateful for.”

This is the fourth year for Worthington students having the opportunity to participate in a paid summer internship with Abbott Labs. Since this partnership has begun, every student from Worthington has been extended an offer to partake in the internship the next summer also. This program has benefitted ALL students in the PLTW pre-engineering program in many ways; from resume' building, honing interview skills, or from returning students sharing their experience and corporate expectations. We look forward to many more years working with Abbott Labs!