Students $9,412 For Wounded Warriors

Students at Worthington Estates Elementary raised $9,412.91 for the Marine Wounded Warriors Umpire Academy.
The money will go to the Colorado-based program which trains veterans as baseball umpires.
Teacher Libbi Craig's husband, Jimmy Craig, works with the Wounded Warriors umpire program. During a May 11 assembly, he told students how much their contribution means.
The goal of the effort is to "help battle tested leaders transition back to civilian life and find a purpose and sense of belonging."
Anthony (Tony) Mauro also spoke to the students on Monday. Mauro was one of the soldiers who were part of the umpiring program. He says it saved his life. 
Mauro told the assembly that the school's effort will save more lives in the future.
Students sold wrist bands and held other events to raise the money.
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