BOE Meeting

Next Meeting

The Worthington Board of Education will hold its next meeting on Monday, April 26, 2021 at 7:30 p.m.

The meetings will be held at the Worthington Education Center at 200 East Wilson Bridge Road. Community members who wish to address the board during the regular meeting will need to email their intention to do so to by noon on Monday, April 26, 2021. Emails should include your name & address. Community members addressing the board will be brought into the meeting individually to deliver their comments to the board members.

Links from the last meeting:

The Worthington School District Board of Education hereby gives public notice in accordance with Section 3313.16 and 121.22 of the Ohio Revised Code, that the Policy Committee of the Worthington City Schools Board of Education will be holding a special meeting on Monday, April 26, 2021 at 9:00 a.m. at the Worthington Education Center, 200 E. Wilson Bridge Road, Worthington, Ohio to discuss board policy.