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  • We have had a few phone calls and emails regarding what you need to do before school starts in August. Our office will be sending out a mailing at the end of June to all families, new and returning. In the mailing,  everyone will receive a new school year calendar, a teacher letter and supply list, and Sutter Park forms. 

    For returning students, you do not need to do anything about enrollment. If your child attended Sutter Park last school year, they are automatically enrolled for this coming school year. 

    For new students to Sutter Park, you must finish your enrollment by completing the online registration and going to the Welcome Center in person. You can find the online registration by going to Worthington's homepage and clicking Welcome Center. The earlier you complete this and make an appointment, the better. Their appointments get full as August gets closer! 

    Last, for peer students new and returning, tuition of $135 is due August 15th (this pays for September's tuition). You will only be able to pay in our office either by cash or check. My Payments Plus will not be set up yet. 

    Questions? Call our office at 614-450-4900. Please note our secretary will be out and our office will be closed June 13-July 17. You can always email the principal Mrs. Hosking at if you have questions during that time. 

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    Sutter Park is the home to Worthington City Schools' Early Childhood Program for children with special needs and typically developing children.  We currently have 14 "half-day teachers" who have up to 12 students in a morning class and 12 students in an afternoon class.  Half of their students have been identified with special needs and half of their students are typically developing peers who serve as role models in the program.  Our 3 year-olds and early 4 year-olds attend the morning classes and our later four year-olds and 5 year-olds attend the afternoon classes. We also have 2 "half-day teachers"" who have up to 4 special needs students in their classrooms but no typically developing peers. This program is now called Foundations.  Students are placed in the Foundations program based upon the needs identified in their IEPs.  

    For Worthington families of special needs students who do not choose a center-based program and whose goals identified through the IEP can be met through itinerant services, we also have one itinerant teacher who provides an hour of services weekly in private preschools, daycares or the home setting.
    Our program has four Speech/Language Pathologists and four Occupational Therapists who provide services for our special needs children whose IEPs indicate the need.  They frequently have typically developing peers join them in activities to model skills for their peers.  An Adapted Physical Education Teacher and Physical Therapist also provide services for those students who qualify for these services based upon their IEPs.


    If you are interested in the Head Start Program, which is also located at Sutter Park, please CLICK HERE for more information.

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  • Typical peer openings for the 2019-2020 school year! 


    Interested in having your child attend Sutter Park next school year as a typical peer? We will have openings for peer role models in our morning session (birthday is 8/1/15 or later) and for our afternoon session (birthday is between 10/1/13 and 7/31/15). Children placed as typically developing peer models must be potty trained and score age appropriate on two questionnaires. The tuition is $135.00 per month, parents provide transportation, and families must reside in the Worthington School District.  If you are interested, please call the main office at 614-450-4900 or email Tricia Hosking at  Please include your phone number in your email. 
    Once we receive your information, you will be placed on our wait list.  Spots will be offered according to the number of available spaces, beginning with the students who are at the top of the wait list. 
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  • Do you have concerns about a child within your home that is between the ages of 3-5 that currently DOES NOT attend Sutter Park or participate in the Worthington Early Childhood Program? Are you worried that they are not growing in an area or areas of development (this could include speech/communication, gross motor, fine motor and pre-academic skills)? 

    If so, please reach out to our Intake Coordinator, Frederica Stupka, at 614-450-4900 and she is more than happy to answer some of your questions. 


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  • Our Vision

    The Worthington Early Childhood Program is committed to providing an inspirational environment and positive outcomes for children and their families. We will create learning opportunities for boys and girls, based on research and best practice, which contributes significantly to building the strong foundation for future learning.

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  • We had a wonderful night at our Curriculum Night this year! We had about 100 adults participate in learning how to help best support their child in the area of behavior, communication, sensory, home routines or play. Parents walked away with tips, strategies and even items to help incorporate the strategies into every day life outside of school! Thank you to all of the parents that participated and gave us feedback! We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. 

    If you would like to read or print out resources from Curriculum Night and check out other cool resources and websites, go under the "Parent Resources" tab on this website!. 

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  • Step Up To Quality Logo

    Recently, Sutter Park Preschool was rated 5 stars through Ohio's Quality Rating System. This is the highest rating that a publicly funded preschool can receive. Our preschool staff has worked hard and diligently over the past few years to prepare for this rating. We are so proud of our accomplishments and we will continue to provide a high-quality education to all of our Worthington Preschool students.

    What does 5 stars mean and how did we earn them? Below are some of the ways that our staff earned the 5 star rating. 


    • There are more staff members per child. Teachers have more time to support your child’s individual development and learning.  This is important because 90 percent of brain development occurs by the time your child is 6 years old.


    • The administrator and teachers have higher educational qualifications. The administrator and most teachers have a bachelor’s or master’s degree and many years’ experience working with young children.  These qualifications benefit your child’s development and learning.


    • The administrator and teachers complete more than 20 hours of specialized training every two years. The administrator and teaching staff are committed to expanding their education and skills to better support your child’s development and learning. 


    • Teachers develop lesson plans that support each child’s growth. Teachers plan intentional and purposeful activities and experiences that meet the needs, interests and abilities of children.  These activities and experiences support them and their development. 


    • Program staff completes assessments to evaluate and improve the learning experience. Assessments with your child help keep track of his or her growth over time.  This lets teachers adjust how they offer experiences to your child daily.


    • Families and the community are valued. Programs work with families and neighborhood organizations to provide more opportunities for children.


    •  The program provides at least three of the following to staff: health insurance, paid leave, tuition reimbursement, discount on child care, paid professional development, retirement, flexible spending account, one hour of paid planning time weekly, paid holidays or life insuranceThe program supports and values employees and retains good teachers
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